Drop-in Check Valve
Check Valve

Drop-in Check Valve
The Retrievable DropIn Check Valve provides a means of controlling back flow through the drill pipe during a kick or when tripping pipe into the hole against pressure.
The landing sub is installed in the drilling string, usually just above the drill collars. The valve is kept on the surface until protection from back flow is required. The valve is introduced into the drill string and pumped down the drill string to the landing sub where it locks into position.
After use, the back pressure valve can be retrieved from the string with the retrieval tool run in on wireline.
Non-Retrievable Drop-In Check Valve is also available upon request, which operates in a similar manner as the retrievable valve, with the exception that once the valve is landed in the sub, it is not possible to retrieve it on wireline. The valve must be removed on the surface.

When ordering, please specify:
1. Outer Diameter
2. Connections size and type
3. Minimum drill string ID
4. Working pressure
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